Happy Birthday to my Mother

I would like to recognize my mother because it is her birthday.  I love her so much, she has always been there for me, so Happy Birthday mom, you are the greatest mother anyone could ask for.  I would also like to thank all my followers.  I have 11 followers now.  Thank you for all your support.


Going to a water park

I get to go to a water park.  It will be my sister K and my friend I haven’t mentioned yet T.  We will be with.  I like T okay, but sometimes she just gets on my nerves.  She will grab my arm, or bruise my arm, or dig her nails into my arm.  And she treats her younger sister like shit.  She also is always yelling at her parents and her parents never get her in trouble.  In my opinion she is an absolute brat, and her friend making skills could use some improvement.  But I guess it will be fun to be at a water park for three days, I will try to get WiFi so I can update but sorry in advance.  Hope you guys have lots of fun before school starts.

School time

as most of you guys know school starts in around a week.  I am both excited and a little scared.  I finally have my school schedule which actually seems okay.  I have a lot of classes with my friend R.  That should be nice.  I am also excited to start this next year as an eight grader.  I will be the oldest at our school.   This should be fun.  In contrast my sister will be at this school for the first year.   She will be the youngest.  Soccer will be starting right away so I am also happy for that.  I love playing soccer.  I almost want to say that I am excited for this school year I mean I have been doing almost nothing so the change should be nice.

p.s. I am posted this in the morning which is different from when I normally post things at 11 p.m.


I live next to this home that helps people in need get back on their feet.  I have always wanted to volunteer their but my parents are not big into that sort of stuff.  I always feel as though I can not properly express myself.  They are always like we support you but they seem to not know how.  I try to explain to them about me switching schools but they totally block that idea.  Then I tell them about not having friends at school and they are just like, “deal” I mean come on.  When they say that they will support me I hope they start to realize what they are really saying.  In the meantime. I hope everyone has a great weekend comment if you have any questions. I also thank all my followers for listening to everything I have to say.

The future challenge

  1. thank the nominator
  2. share 5 things about your ideal future
  3. tag 5 bloggers so that they can share their goals
  4. link back to the creator of this tag, so she can read about it too

I would love to thank Jenni for tagging me to do this challenge.  Thank you so much.  You are so awesome as is your blog, so if you don’t follow her go check out her blog.

Next are the 5 things I would love for my future.

1. I would love to be able to go to an amazing college.  Where I can learn to become a better writer as well as a better photographer.  So that I can become a journalist or something to that sorts.

2. I would love to be able to live in Europe for a few years after college.  To get out of the states and spend some time abroad.  It is my biggest dream to be able to go somewhere away from the small city I live in.

3.  I want to fall madly in love (don’t laugh). I would love to meet the right guy that respects me and takes care of me and that treats me nice.  Trust me I will find one of these dreamy guys outside of books even if I have to search my entire life.

4.  I want to have a great job so that I can take care of my family, and yes I want a family.  I want children and you may think that that is a choice to make. I should not make at my age but I really want kids.  Even if they are a huge responsibility.

5. I want to be able to get lots of followers on this blog so please if you know anyone who likes my type of blog Tell me or them.

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I tag you to do the future challenge

Thank you dreamsandmoviescreens for starting this challenge.

Enjoy and please do this challenge if tagged.

Not Belonging

have you Ever though that You didn’t belong.  Well I am like you.  I go to a catholic school.  I wasn’t popular, or fan-girly.  I am one of the girls that no one notices.  I have 3 best friends.  But my best est friend of the 3 M is switching schools.  This leaves me with nothing.  I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know how I am going to get through this school year without her.  We did everything together, and we had the same personality.  Please help!