K is my sister, she is 11 almost 12.  She is pretty awesome into soccer and reading.  Her birthday is in October.  Her grade in school is pretty mean, and disrespectful.  They are always not paying attention to their teachers.  They are real brats most of them and my sister is sort of drawn to them, she try’s to be like them and all that does is gets her in trouble.  But some other hobbies of hers are piano, reading, archery, soccer, trumpet, being bothersome and being an awesome sister. Cheats to those family we actually love. Lover her.

-A out-



So nothing has really been up sorry I haven’t updated.  I have been painting my bedroom, yeah.  But I guess, oh yeah I got Shenzi the hyena from the lion king in our school play. I guess that is pretty cool. As well soccer is half done.  Today I had a day off.  It is almost K’s birthday.  She will be 12.  Me and her are close, well we are sisters.  I am excited.  I promise to write more then I have this last month as well I will read all your guys last updates.  But o guess hey.
-A out-


Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I am truly sorry. But here is a post.  I play soccer for my school soccer team, and I am the best.  I also play soccer for a competitive girls team, so I have a lot of practices.  My school coach is so rude.  You see me and my sister K  are on the same team even though she is in 6 th grade.  But my coach always calls me the ugly sister which I find quite offensive.  What should I do? Please comment below if you have any ideas.  

Month Two

Guys this is just so awesome.  This is my second month on this blog.  At this moment I have 12 followers.  By the end of this month I want to double that total.  Please help me to achieve this goal.  I also love when you guys comment, it makes me so happy to hear what you all are thinking and that you have or are going through the same things I am.  Right now I  have a huge smile on my face.  Once again I thank you all for following my blog.

*Ada Out*

Fear of needles

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I am totally afraid of needles.  Like I hate looking at them, and I hate when they pierce your skin.  I guess the reason I am writing this is because I had a doctors appointment today.  And wooptey doo, I had to get a shot.  Ouch! They were like don’t clench up it will hurt more, so I dint clench but It still hurt a lot.  I felt as though I could feel the thing they put into me going down my vein.  Gross! I hope everyone else had a better day.

*Ada Out*

Happy First Day of School

I just got back from my first day of 8th grade.  Well actually I had soccer, so I didn’t just get back, but minor detail.  I had so much fun seeing all off my old friends.  I feel bad for one friend though because her best friend transferred.  She was pretty sad.  But I had a blast.  This year is the first year I am taking choir, and choir is so much fun. Hope everyone else had such a great first day.