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November fun

Last month till my play, long practices, and guess what I am signing up for basketball. 😬 wish me luck.  I am so happy to say high to all you guys and thanks for all your support, if you have any comments just ask I’d be happy to answer.  Love all you guys, me.
-A out- 



So bored and at school.  My writing class, we are writing a boring story.  So bored with 10 minutes left of class, can’t wait. But I guess got to go.  Hope everyone else is having a good day.

T is one of my sort of friends.  We get along but she can be seriously mean.  She is really physical and is always grabbing me and all.  She does archery as do I, but she isn’t great.  She shoots super fast and doesn’t take her time on her shots.  As well she likes my sister and she always like they are best friends.  She is always acting like we are friends then she will be mean and pick on me and it is really annoying.


So nothing has really been up sorry I haven’t updated.  I have been painting my bedroom, yeah.  But I guess, oh yeah I got Shenzi the hyena from the lion king in our school play. I guess that is pretty cool. As well soccer is half done.  Today I had a day off.  It is almost K’s birthday.  She will be 12.  Me and her are close, well we are sisters.  I am excited.  I promise to write more then I have this last month as well I will read all your guys last updates.  But o guess hey.
-A out-


Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I am truly sorry. But here is a post.  I play soccer for my school soccer team, and I am the best.  I also play soccer for a competitive girls team, so I have a lot of practices.  My school coach is so rude.  You see me and my sister K  are on the same team even though she is in 6 th grade.  But my coach always calls me the ugly sister which I find quite offensive.  What should I do? Please comment below if you have any ideas.